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Natural Acne Cure: How I Got Rid of My Acne for Good

My dear neighbor told me about this recipe a few weeks ago and she tried it. She applied it consistently before going to bed each night. It didn’t take too long before her husband complimented her on the looks!

Why Not Use This Recipe. It Entirely Changed Me.

It’s been two months since I started using the Skintervention Guide, and I’ve been thrilled with the results. If you’ve been on the fence about trying it, you need to get started. It’s been a lifesaver, and I feel so much more confident with (and in my own) skin.

My Results

I’ve heard from so many of you who struggle from acne too so I wanted to post photos of my own results. It’s embarrassing to show these photos, but I’m hoping it will help others who are experiencing acne and haven’t had success in getting rid of it.

Here I was back in May 2013.


This isn’t even the worst of it, but you can see acne on my cheeks and chin. It was constant. As soon as one pimple cleared up, another one came up. And it wasn’t just tiny blackheads or small acne bumps. These were huge, red, pussy zits that hurt if I touched it. I scrubbed, I used harsh toners and acne treatments, and I even went back on birth control just to get rid of it.

But NOTHING worked. It was so frustrating and I started avoiding going out because I didn’t want others to see my face.

Then I found the Skintervention Guide.

I started using the techniques in the book in mid June and within 2 weeks I noticed my skin clearing up. And by 4 weeks my acne vanished. It’s now been nearly two months and my skin is clear as long as I stay on the Skintervention Guide program. I learned that trigger foods (like gluten and excess sugar) cause my acne, and harsh cleaners worsen it. I got a little cocky during my treatment and cheated with a veggie burger made with bulgar wheat one day, and within a couple of days I had 3 large pimples on my chin.

Since then I never cheat and I’ve been able to stay acne free – even a week before I get my period (which was is usually the time I get hormonal acne too).

And here I am now two months later (August 2013).

My skin is glowing. It doesn’t feel oily, yet dry. My blackheads aren’t as bad and my pores even seem smaller. Best of all, there’s no acne. I even feel like my melasma is fading a little bit.

Even my husband commented last week how my skin looked amazing and was glowing. And I’ve even gone without make-up – something I’d never do because I either had acne or red acne marks on my face.

Natural Acne Cure: The Skintervention Guide

Authored by Liz Wolfe, a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, author of the new book Modern Cave Girl, and author of the blog Cave Girl Eats. Liz struggled with acne for many years too and once she found out what worked for her she penned, the Skintervention Guide.

This book is packed with information about how to change your diet to cure acne naturally – and I especially like her section on nutrition and how foods can cause or heal acne. Coconut oil, for instance, can aid in digestion and kill bad bacteria in the body – it’s also an excellent moisturizer for the face. YES, I know! Oil on the face? It works and it’s amazing.

The Skintervention Guide: What’s Inside?

The Skintervention Guide is available by digital download and includes more than 200 pages of thorough nutrition, digestion and skin care information as well as recipes, online support, lifetime book updates and bonus guides. The book is full of natural acne prevention and treatment options.

Topics include:

  • How food plays a part in acne and other skin problems
  • The right foods (and the wrong ones) for healthy skin
  • Why almost everyone needs digestive help
  • The best products (most of them natural or homemade) for cleansing and healing the skin
  • The nutrients you need for beautiful skin, lovely hair and a radiant body

Check out the full topic index.

Buy Now

Try the Skintervention Guide for yourself. It’s only $37 and you get it instantly via download – along with recipes, bonus materials, where to buy products guide, and more.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional nor am I qualified to give any medical advice. Rather, this is my own story of how I was able to heal, cure and prevent my acne.

This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.

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